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Police and medic controls
F: Vehicle siren.
L: Speed radar (police only and weapon is P07 Suppressed).
Left Shift + L: Activates siren lights.
Left Shift + R: Restrain (police only).

Civilian controls
Left Shift + G: Knock out / stun (Weapon required. Used for robbing).
Spacebar: Place storage container.

General controls
Y: Open Player Menu.
U: Lock and unlock vehicles and houses.
T: Vehicle trunk and house virtual item storage.
Left Shift + B: Surrender (hands on head).
Left Windows: Main interaction key. Used for interacting with objects like vehicles, houses, ATMs, and restrained players. Can be rebound to a single key like H by pressing ESC->Configure->Controls->Custom->Use Action 10.
Left Shift + H: Holsters the weapon in your hands.
Left Ctrl + H: Revert holster action.
Shift + Spacebar: Jump.
Left Shift + O: (un)fade sound (ear plugs).