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Rebel Rules
A rebel is one who rises in armed resistance against a government. In this case it would be the police. However, due to the small amount of police compared to the possible amount of rebels, do not attack the police without a reason, please be civil and use common sense, and don't take the word rebel literally, but instead how it will make this server fun for all.

1. A rebel must first form a gang, and then declare intentions.
2. Resistance does not excuse RDMing (See RDMing in General Rules)
3. Resistance roleplay should be conducted in more ways than constantly robbing the bank or shooting police officers.
4. Resistance must be coordinated.
5. A PROPER reason must be behind each and every attack.

Gang Rules
1. Being in a gang is not illegal. Only when illegal crimes are committed.
2. Being in a gang area is not illegal. Only when partaking in illegal activities.
3. Gangs may hold and control gang areas. Other gangs may attack a controlling gang to compete for control of a gang area.
4. To declare war on another gang, the leader must announce it in global and all gang members of both gangs must be notified. For a more long term gang war, a declaration should be made on the forums.
5. Gangs may not kill unarmed civilians, unless said civilian is part of a rival gang and in your gangs controlled area.
6. Gangs may not kill civilians, unless they are under threat. Killing unarmed civilians because they do not comply is considered RDM, but you can injure/damage.

Illegal Vehicles
A civilian in control of the following prohibited vehicles is subject to the consequences defined in the unauthorized control of a prohibited vehicle law.

1. Ifrit
2. Speedboat
3. Hunter
4. Police Offroad

Illegal Weapons
A civilian in possession of the following is subject to the consequences as defined in the illegal possession of a firearm law.

1. MX Series
2. Katiba Series
3. TRG Series
4. Mk.20 Series
5. Mk.18 ABR
6. SDAR Rifle
7. Sting SMG
8. Silenced P07 (Taser)
9. Any explosives

Illegal Items
The following items are illegal to posses:

1. Turtle
2. Cocaine
3. Heroin
4. Cannabis
5. Marijuana